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According to Ancient Greek Mythology, when Odysseus was asked by the Cyclops “Who are you?” he answered…. “NOBODY.”

Likewise, the web-page platforms require us to fill out a “Who are you?” or “About us” field. For that reason, society feels that we need to conform, following the mainstream, forming a catchy “image”. Such an image should include all those contemporary, seasonal, sparkling, characteristics that either out of habit or mimesis, modern consumeristic society demands non-stop. For instance, glamor, glory, wealth, prosperity, comfort, megalomania, fashion, sociability, kindness, knowledge, nobility, perfection etc. However, we all just end up copying one another, we follow the same approach of the more “successful” and “shinny” commercial samples of images, that have actually managed to become the “bright stars” in our world so far.

In DGR HOWEVER, we believe that the only thing that defines us is our actions. These actions are judged in present and future time, under a different spectrum, filter and point of view.

In DGR, we believe that our actions cannot easily be conveyed through a piece of paper, an image or even verbally. They are deeper than thousands of words, judgements or, imprints of the moment. They are the actions that consist and, define the authentic “identity” of a person, a team, an enterprise or, an organization. These actions will finally form the social bonds, the collective awareness and, gradually the development of our society and our world. Our actions will win or, lose the timeless battle of evolution, having a large or small impact in it. These are the aspects that will give or, deprive sustainability to the cause. These are the things that will create value and, will engrave the course.

In DGR, we believe that, the actions and the energy of the individual interaction, have no value to be judged by the people who acted. Similarly, there is no value in being judged by the third party. The value can only be defined by the timeless interaction, contribution and impact of our actions on our environment. This value will be always visible.

Still, we would like to provide you some what of an “About Us”  below since it’s almost necessary nowadays. At the same time we are aware that we might be taking a risk. This diversity might initially confuse you.

The DGR team starts its action in 2017 in a country, Greece, that is in the center of political, economic and social crisis of our world. DGR decides to act in time, while the local social, political and economic environment is diffusing as an epidemic and spreads its web steadily, more and more the darkness, the despair, depression, withering, distraction, fear, doubt, chaos, bankruptcy, and the destruction. Therefore, who would dare to create something like that in such a negative and hostile environment of constant collapse?

DGR has the courage. It has the vision. Because there is hope for Tomorrow and for a New Sustainable World.

DGR, looks forward to develop in a different economic entity/organism that will cater for one of the basic human needs, clothing. Combining a mesh of cooperation and other connected but meanwhile, autonomous entrepreneurial initiatives which will cover the other two basic human needs; food and housing. This will set the foundation through new filters of entrepreneurship, cooperation, creation, quality and value, under one cause; pure sustainability.

People with different starting points in life, different experiences and employment, different ages, personalities and careers, different expertise and skills, different social levels and academic knowledge, dare and unite in something common, in a dangerous period for such projects. There is something that necessarily and inevitably unites them and urges them as a natural phenomenon to cooperate through the need of the creation of our new sustainable function, as people, a team, an organism, an economy, a society, a world, nature, as ONE.

DGR, is a seed of coordination of the consciousness of a group of people, targeted and wounded from the increasingly developing and intensively negative (according to our opinion) forces of this era. A group of people who realized for decades now, consciously and subconsciously from experiences or instinctively, that indeed the world is going to change. And this was never a simple procedure. This team of people may be consisted by those people who stimulated their world and their environment to enter a process of change, removing first themselves from that “Safety Zone” that they were part of. It is about a group of people who tolerated patiently the pain, the danger, the targeting, the malice, the absurdity, the injustice after this instinctive or conscious exit of the “Safety Zone”. The theoretically “Safe Life” that however led in dead ends.

These are people that never lost their inner dignity, the authenticity of themselves, and the strength of their beliefs and values. A group of people that have consciousness of their duty, simply not to let the world change and just observe passively, helplessly and wounded by the developments of fate. A team that decided, not to surrender to events and their consequences, but to fight in a modest way, patiently, to create their own specifications and conditions of life, relations and work through inspiration, vision, as well as, groundbreaking actions. This team puts forward its energetic consciousness, projecting, in a positive way and composing its dynamics of experience, knowledge of cultural and inherited elements that life and existence offers.

A team that holds stable and deeply rooted the belief of the “Self and Team” with common vision of a solid foundation and the creativity for individual and collective sustainable development and happiness. A team that will function, through a special framework, which, looks forward to (1) remove and satisfy in the most effective way its diversity in relation to outdated management ideas and obsessions, applications and practices of today and, (2) preserve the hope for an authentic and sustainable development, for the team and its environment but also for anywhere else, it may be transmitted.

DGR is the seed of the aftermath of an overall power that comes to protect and maybe project modestly and slowly its own light.

We seed in order to cultivate, create and hopefully collect and share, coordinate and develop the most positive elements from which we consist of, turning into positive even the most negative experiences for us, the team and our environment.

We start our course with a turtle’s pace- that is always proven more efficient that the rabbit’s speed-trying to develop a sustainable scheme relative with the stable material but also the visual diagram for a turtle shell – SLOW MADE

We begin as a team of a few and we hope to become many, because we believe that we ALL are ONE – HOLISTIC

We begin considering that we have given a lot of space and right to the machines, the speed and the alienation to enter our lives. Together, in cooperation with the spirit, the mind and the soul, we must take work and health into our hands, health in our relations, and care for our environment – HANDCRAFTED

We begin offering work to ourselves, but also to people in need of work, evolution, inspiration and support to produce authenticity, strength, courage, solidarity, care and concern for the rest of our environment –SUSTAINABILITY  

We begin not only from the local community. We begin in and from the whole world, because we consider that we are all citizens of our earthly society. –CLOBAL CITIZENS

We begin to differentiate the real value of a good from the price of the product. We begin and activate stimulations questioning the meanings of the cheap or expensive, the modern or outdated, the common or the different. –ECOLOGY

We begin to create by taking care of the health and authenticity of everyone that made this happen, no matter if these agents/resources are participating or collaborating, are our customers or our raw materials. –AUTHENTICITY

We begin by taking care of our self-sufficiency, for our detoxification and our freedom.

We begin by taking care of ourselves, our people, our environment, our sentiments, our spirit, and their development and evolution within the context of respect, support, safety, authenticity, dignity, love, freedom, trust. “Self and Team”

We begin by planning, creating, constructing, loving and caring, protecting the human dignity, fighting for freedom, becoming one with nature, strengthening our surroundings and spreading hope. All these, should be mirrored on us, on our products and services –LOVE

We don’t “see” just customers, but PEOPLE, individual personalities. We try to understand and cover the need for true joy, authentic relationships and satisfaction of their personal needs.

We don’t see any competitors or a competitive environment. We close our eyes and build through our heart and soul. We don’t see the war and we are not its agent. We simply have no enemy. –BY HAND, FROM THE HEART, WITH LOVE

We see only the HUMAN whom we want to satisfy in order to reach personal satisfaction through this process and evolve sustainably.

We are considering this as a sustainable relationship, company and product, without using it uncontrollably and without re-producing the operational techniques and structures that have been applied until now.

We turn the pyramid upside down! We don’t believe in business hierarchies where few got the power, we believe in a family business structure where all voices are heard and creativity is maximized.

Finally, because words without actions, as we have already mentioned, have no value, and because we have already said too much as an introduction, we wish wholeheartedly that our identity, through our works and our deeds, remains authentic and through the pass of time fulfills our duty and our purposes.

And don’t forget, we are “NOBODY”… And don’t forget that THERE ARE ALWAYS “OPTIONS”.

Always take care of yourself, by being YOU!

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