Our values & Greek mythology

Our values – According to Ancient Greek Mythology, when Odysseus was asked by the Cyclops “Who are you?” he answered…. “NOBODY.”

Likewise, the web-page platforms require us to fill out a “Who are you?” or “our values” or “About us” field. Following the mainstream, we should create an image that includes all those contemporary, seasonal, sparkling, characteristics that the modern consumerist society demands non-stop. For instance, glamor, glory, wealth, prosperity, comfort, megalomania, fashion, perfection etc. However, we all just end up copying one another, we follow the same approach of the more “successful” and “shinny” commercial samples of images that have actually managed to become the bright stars in our world so far.

However, in DGR we believe that the only thing that defines us is our actions. These actions are judged in present and future time, under a different spectrum, filter and point of view.

In DGR, we believe that our actions cannot easily be conveyed through a computer screen, an image or even verbally. They are deeper than thousands of words. They are the actions that consist and define the authentic “identity” of a person, a team, an enterprise or, an organization. These actions will finally form the social bonds, the collective awareness and, gradually the development of our society and our world. Our actions, our values will win or lose the timeless battle of evolution, having a large or small impact in it.

Still, we would like to provide you somewhat of an “About Us”  below.

The DGR team was created in 2017 in Greece, a country that was and still is (to a certain extent) in the center of a political, economic and social crisis. DGR decides to act in a time when the local social, political and economic environment is diffusing as an epidemic. This epidemic spreads a web full of darkness, despair, depression, withering, distraction, fear, doubt, chaos, bankruptcy, and destruction. Therefore, who would dare to create anything in such a negative and hostile environment of constant collapse?
DGR has the courage. DGR has the vision. Because there is hope for tomorrow and for a New Sustainable World.

DGR started with the aspiration of challenging the status quo by developing in a different economic entity/organism, while catering for one of the basic human needs; clothing.
People with different starting points in life, different life and work experiences, ages, personalities and careers, expertise and skills, social levels and academic knowledge, dare and unite for a common goal. There is something that unites them and urges them as a natural phenomenon to cooperate through the need of the creation of a new sustainable function, as people, a team, an organism, an economy, a society, a world, nature, as ONE.

A team that decided, not to surrender to events and their consequences, but to fight in order to create their own conditions of life. This team puts forward its consciousness and knowledge of cultural and inherited elements that life and existence offers.

A team that holds deeply rooted the belief of the “Self and Team”. A team that doesn’t believe in outdated management ideas and applications and preserves the hope for authentic and sustainable development, for the team and its environment, but also for anywhere else, it may be transmitted.
We start our course with a turtle’s pace- that is always proven more efficient than the rabbit’s speed- SLOW MADE, SLOW FASHION REVOLUTION

We begin as a team of a few and we hope to become many, because we believe that we are all ONE – HOLISTIC

We begin considering that we have given a lot of space to machines. We want to keep the Greek knitting tradition that mothers passed down to their daughters, alive. – HANDCRAFTED, 100% HANDMADE

We begin offering work to ourselves, but also to Greek people in need of work, evolution, inspiration and support to produce authenticity, strength, courage, solidarity, care (our values) and concern for the rest of our environment – SUSTAINABILITY, GIVE BACK TO GREECE

We begin in and from the whole world, not only from the local community. We consider that we are all citizens of our earthly society. –GLOBAL CITIZENS, FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

We create original designs made with love. We get our inspiration from nature and that’s why our products have animal names. i.e “owl coat” –AUTHENTICITY and LOVE

We take care of ourselves, our people, our spirits and our environment by educating one another constantly. “Self and Team”

We don’t just see customers, but PEOPLE with individual personalities. We try to understand and cover the need for true joy, authentic relationships and satisfaction of everyone’s personal needs. We see HUMANS who want to be different, to stand out and to have a say in the creative design –CUSTOMIZATION

We don’t see any competitors or a competitive environment. We close our eyes and build through our heart and soul. We don’t see the war and we are not its agent. We simply have no enemy. –BY HAND, FROM THE HEART, WITH LOVE

We turn the pyramid upside down! We don’t believe in business hierarchies where few get the power, we believe in a family business structure where all voices are heard and creativity is maximized, we believe in our values.

And don’t forget, we are “NOBODY”

picture source: https://www.ancientgreecereloaded.com/files/ancient_greece_reloaded_website/legendary_heroes/heroes_odysseus.php