Crochet knitted barrel handbags

Crochet knitted barrel handbags

The unique, statement DGR “Hedgehog” crochet barrel handbag offwhite has a fluffy, incredibly soft touch, while the tight and careful knit, helps to maintain its shape.

This 100%  handcrafted handbag is created with authentic care from wool of exceptional quality, acrylic and polyester. In the interior we knitted a leather zipper as well as a leather lining, both in matching color with the bag. Inside the bag there is also an extra DGR logo printed pouch, which you can use for further protection and safety of your personal belongings.

The “Hedgehog” handbag has an elaborate grip so that you can hold it just by hand. However, it also comes with a detachable, handmade, knitted strap turning it to a crossbody handbag and allowing more freedom in the use. The strap has interior swivel metal smart clips that are detachable. Our last production process is to carefully knit our DGR logo twice, by hand. One on the actual body of the  bag and one on the strap. During this last production process, the final stage of the bag’s quality control is taking place.

The love we put throughout the whole production process (which includes materials, color selection, designs, labor work, quality control and packaging) will be visible to you the moment you get the bag in your hands and will follow you at all of your appearances!

Go and impress the streets with the  DGR “Hedgehog” barrel handbag, with which you will definitely build a trustworthy relationship. “You can never go wrong with pairing DGR accessories to any outfits, may it be a casual look or a semi-formal one”.