The following items are terms and conditions that apply to all visitors and users of this website,, and are associated with the company, DeGRwear PCC.  Those who use our site agree and are bound by the terms. If a user of the site does not agree with these terms, then he / she must refrain from using it and proceeding to any transactions with it. The company reserves the right to use legal measures in case of violation of the following.

1. Protection of Personal Data

The personal data you share at all the pages of this website (name, address, phone number, e-mail address), are solely intended to ensure the safe operation of the website services and to provide visitors the ability to place orders on it. Our company processes these data in compliance with the provisions of the law provided by international and European law governing e-commerce issues as well as by the Consumer Protection Act.

DeGRwear PCC, explicitly states that will not illicitly use your personal data and that does not reveal, publish, sell, lease or exchange the data and information that you submit to any third party. In case you request it, your personal data are deleted once and for all. By submitting material to our server, you agree that this material does not include any kind of fake, illegal data that would not, in any way, be appropriate to use or publish.

2. Website Pages used by 3rd parties

In order to facilitate access to our website, DeGRwear PCC may include website links that are under the ownership or under the management of third parties, who are responsible for their content.

3. Transaction Safety

In order for you to pay via a debit/credit card, you are redirected to the web-page of the given bank, securing the safety of the transaction. In this way, the information that is associated with the customers’ debit or credit cards is not recorded in the web-page database.

4. Responsibility Limitation

The company of DeGRwear PCC, has made a great effort to depict the products as precisely, clearly, and fully as possible, by providing photos, descriptions, texts, and comments. Yet, on this web page there might be typographic, numeric, depiction-related, or any other kind of inconveniences.

5. Product Replacement Policy

Product replacement is possible only after you contact our company at and within 24 hours from the receipt date. The products you wish to return/refund should be in their excellent, initial condition and not having been used. Costumers are charged with the returning costs, unless they received a different product than the one ordered, by our company’s mistake.

6. Order Cancellation Policy

Any order can be canceled and proceed to money refund, only if the customer has informed the company via e-mail, that he/she wishes to cancel it and only within three hours after the order submission. The 14-day deadline, which is determined by the European Union legislation, regarding the consumers’ rights is not valid in cases of non-stock products, which are created after their order, such as most of the products sold on our web page.

7. Content modification policy

The modification of the products’ features (changes in color, size etch.) after having submitted the order is possible, as long as it applies to the same product and the desired feature is available for this given product. The user has to state his/her wish one hour after the order submission, by sending us an e-mail. All our products are created after they are ordered.

8. Delivery Policy

DeGRwear PCC utilizes only the Hellenic Post (ELTA) for all its deliveries which means that there is no extra cost for shipping. For us, it is a matter of sustainability. For you, it is a matter of waiting 3 to 10 days. Please enjoy waiting for your DeGRwear package.  If you would like to use a delivery company of your choice, you will be responsible for any costs associated with that. DeGRwear is not responsible for any taxes or fees for international deliveries. The customer might also be responsible for any fee related to customs.

9. The right to return products and have a money-refund

We don’t refund money, excluding the rare situations in which the customer may accidentally receive, a product other than the one ordered. The right that is determined by the European Union Legislation, regarding the 14-day product return, is not valid in cases of non-stock products, meaning products that are created only after they are ordered, as most of the products sold on our web page are.

10. Prices

All the product prices mentioned on the web page include shipping costs but no extra fees related to customs or VAT.

11. Terms Modification

DeGRwear PCC, has the right to modify, edit or/and upgrade, change, suspend or cancel any part of the web page or its content, including the current terms and conditions, the services and the products that are available on this web-page, and even the access to it, without prior notice. Continuing to use this web page after it has gone through modifications, implies that you do accept them.

12. Changes in the available methods of payment/delivery

The company has the right to modify, suspend or completely cancel, without any prior notice, any available payment or delivery method, any time, either for all the users or for a single one.

13. User’s Responsibility

DeGRwear PCC web-page users, accept that they will not use the e-shop to deliver, publish, send via e-mail or transmit by any other means any kind of content that may be illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, disturbing, slanderous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene or that is considered to be a privacy compromise of a third party. Visitors will not use the e-shop to transmit content that may express hostility or any racial, national, or other kinds of discrimination, that may harm under-aged people in any way, that isn’t entitled to be transmitted according to the legislation or the conventional or managerial relationships. Users cannot violate any kind of patent, logo, copyright, or other ownership rights of third parties, that include software viruses or other codes, files, or programs that are designed to stop, cause any damage, or destroy the web pages’ software Visitors cannot intentionally or unintentionally disobey the existent Greek and communal legislation as well as to its provisions and that finally would possibly harass third parties in any way or that contains anything used to collect or record personal data of other users.

14. Force Majeure

In case of force majeure reasons, it’s not possible to deliver the products within the determined time limit, the customer will be informed via e-mail. DeGRwear PCC, is not responsible for any condition that isn’t caused by our fault and will do anything possible to better serve the other users.

15. Copyrights

The whole content of the web page (texts, logos, images, photos, graphics, files, designs, settings etch.) is the intellectual property of DeGrwear PCC and is protected by the copyrights and other protective laws. Without having our explicit, written permissions one is forbidden to include or reproduce the content as a whole, or part of it, in other programs or web pages or use it in any other way. This web page may include data that are protected by other rights that are correspondingly protected. By gaining access to this web – page, you agree that you accept the above copyright laws.