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  1. What shipping options are available with DeGRwear PCC ?     

DeGRwear PCC is using only the traditional Hellenic Post Office for shipping  services. Thus, there is NO additional cost for our customers, other than the price indicated for each item. For us, it is a matter of philosophy and, sustainability. For you, it is a matter of minimum 4 to maximum 15 days, of your order to be delivered at your address. Enjoy the sweet excitement of expecting your goodies for a few days, after placing your order.

Prices include shipping costs.
DeGRwear is not responsible for any taxes or fees for international deliveries. The customer might also be responsible for any fee related to customs.

2. Do you charge extra for shipping ?

No, there is no extra cost for shipping: Registered prices for all DGR products, include all shipping costs to all destinations all over the world.

Prices include shipping costs.

3. What is the production time & item availability ?          

Products that are readily available are shipped the same or the next day. For non-inventory items, the production process is estimated to be 3 to 10 days.          

4. What about returns?

In order to serve you better regarding our product exchanges and return procedures,  please send us an e-mail at degrwear@degrwear.com

Product replacement is possible only after you contact our company and within 24 hours from the receipt date. The products you wish to return/refund should be in their excellent, initial condition and not having been used. Costumers are charged with the returning costs, unless  they received a different product than the one ordered, by our company’s mistake.

5. What about refunds ?

We don’t refund money, excluding the rare situations in which the costumer may accidentally receive, a product other that the one ordered. The right that is determined by the European Union Legislation, regarding the 14-day product return, is not valid in cases of non-stock products, meaning products that are created only after they are ordered, as most of the products sold on our web-page are.

6. Does DeGRwear PCC accommodate customized tailor-made special orders ?

Yes, of course, because we want you to “be the designer of your natural world.”

Variations upon the original design or, any other personal creative thought of you, is more than likely to be accommodated by our team. Please, feel free to mail us your request at degrwear@degrwear.com. We will be more than happy to apply your creativity. Customization schedule: Allow at least 2-3 extra days for delivery than usual. 

7. Will I be charged with sales or, VAT tax on my DGR purchase?

Prices include shipping cost. Value Added Tax (VAT) is applicable only for purchases made from European Comnunity Countries (ECC) countries.

8. What about Times and Rates ?

We accept and ship orders worldwide.

Please allow average 4-5 days for shipping in Europe and 10-15 for the USA.

9. Why DeGRwear PCC has a turtle as logo ?

The turtle logo we chose, symbolizes our philosophy of going slowly and steady, building a good base and growing in the long- run. We do not support fast fashion. In fact, we do not support anything fast. That’s why our pieces are slow-made, are all actually customized and, keep a premium quality of pure love, that can be worn forever if, kept in a good condition!

10. How to take care of my DGR products?

-DGR knitted jewelry – Avoid contact with water, perfume and other chemicals

-DGR knitted garments – Dry clean only, do not bleach or iron. For better maintenance in shape, keep them folded in your closet – use the appropriate/special DGR packaging. Don’t hang them.

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