Handcrafted Macrame Bracelets

Handcrafted Macrame Bracelets



Handcrafted macrame bracelets made with authentic care. Evil-eye bracelet  is made from 6 cords of soft, bling, viscose yarn with golden sparkle and matte gold magnetic clasp.

Handwoven bracelets are one more creation of DGR, where we combine the traditional with the modern trends to make a unique result. The DGR bracelets are made of fine viscose yarn with golden sparkle, something that differentiates them from all other handwoven bracelets. Viscose can be found in luxurious velvet’s and taffeta’s. Viscose is made from renewable plants. It is breathable, highly absorbent, very smooth, does not trap body heat, light, strong, soft and most importantly comfortable.

For DGR bracelets to sparkle, it needs to be under some sort of light source, i.e. under the sunlight or even better under the electric light at night. They are decorated with delicate zyrcon crystal pendants. They also have a matte gold magnetic clasp with printed DGR logo.

The protracted and curve out design, as well as the texture and lacy finish can’t be unnoticed. The creation of these bracelets requires dexterity, patience, time and above all, love as each one depending on the design is made out of 1,940, 2,620 or 3,420 knots.

​”What makes the difference is the way you accessorize. So, top off your outfit by wearing unique, handcrafted, DGR statement bracelets. Remember, your wrists should never be naked! We believe that wearing multiple bracelets makes a stylish statement.”