“Snowy Owl” Knitted Coat in White & Gold with Hoodie Scarf (2 pieces outfit)




Knitted Coat Cardigan in White & Gold


DGR turns the mainstream fur coat into an extraordinary 100% handcrafted one, made with authentic care. A soft, cozy, oversized, knitted coat or special cardigan in snowy white, with dropped shoulders, sidecut, knitted fur sleeves, and a trendy collar that definitely can’t go unnoticed. To create the “Owl” coat, we were inspired by the peacefulness, nobility, and elegance of the owl bird. We combined the outright austerity of the owl’s body with the sophisticated shape of its wings. We created new specialized knitting techniques, combining different types of materials together. You are now ready to rise and fly free like the bird.
The snowy owl, in the animal kingdom, has a number of unique adaptations to its habitat and lifestyle, which are quite distinct from other extant owls.

DGR creates the exclusive “Snowy Owl” Coat and differentiates it from the other DGR “Owl” Coats, not only because of the distinct snowy/white color but, also because of  the addition of:

a) the elaborate embroidery, using gold or silver premium yarn, all around the perimeter of the garment,

b) the 3 buttons made from natural wood with the DGR logo engraved on them,  and

c) the hoodie scarf with pockets.  Instead of buttonholes, we use knitted nooses which are part of the total embroidery.

Τhe DGR “Snowy Owl” Coat is accompanied by a separate knitted scarf in snowy white. This scarf has an oversized furry hood and furry pockets. Τhe DGR “Snowy Owl” Coat and scarf outfit, declares both your spiritual and physical abundance in every appearance.

DGR is revolutionizing fashion with the “Owl” knitted coat or cardigan in white & gold, making one more revolutionary and authentic style statement about nature’s wisdom, calmness, purity, balance, freedom, sustainability, and, also reminds us that we are all part of this world.

DGR is sizing up rather than sizing down. We oversize most of our products. That means we design them bigger than the regular tailored sizes. In DGR we don’t follow rules and norms. We do respect the primary need of the authenticity of the self that needs to be covered and protected and, at the same time shinning out with no constraints attached.

We believe that style should make us comfortable and relaxed rather than stressed and anxious.
The “Snowy Owl” Coat is one size. It’s oversized but, it fits smoothly and elegantly most body shapes AND ACTUALLY, IT FITS ALL. You can wear your DGR “Snowy Owl” Coat with everything, from your casual everyday streetwear to your formal, night-out dress.


One size
Model height: 1,75 m
Color: snowy white/gold

Many thanks to the following professionals, who collaborated and assisted voluntarily to present the DGR “Snowy Owl” knitted Coat and relative creative concept, to the “Raise Your Voice” 2021 Festival, organized by Fashion Revolution Greece.

Photography: Panayiotis Simopoulos, Instagram: @panayiotis_simopoulos
Fashion Editor: Dimitris Grammatikoyiannis, Instagram: @dimitris_grammatikoyiannis
Model: Giota Miroti, Instagram: @giotamiroti
Garments: DeGRwear PCC
No make up