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Knitted jacket cardigan scarf

The knitted cardigan jacket scarf are a perfect fit for all your street style or casual chic outfits! This oversized, soft, comfy jacket with loose shoulders, impressive, furry sleeves and unusual hood will make you feel unique from the first time you wear it. You can wear it open for a more chill look or you can button it up fully or partially for more freedom in your movement. Every DGR  jacket  has 3 buttons made from natural wood in the shape of a barrel and each has the DGR logo engraved. “Hoopoe” jacket comes in eight dynamic, hot, classic or trendy colors suitable for every combination you can imagine.

DGR is sizing up rather than sizing down. We oversize most of our products. That means we design them bigger than the usual tailored sizes. In DGR we don’t follow rules and norms. We do respect the primary need of the authenticity of the self that needs to be covered and protected and, at the same time shinning out with no constraints attached.

We believe that style is comfy and relaxed rather than stressed and anxious.

The knitted handmade braid scarf is an oversized, woolen, handmade braid. The unique, warm, fluffy, playful braid can be found both in monochrome and multicolor versions. It will hug you during the cold winter days, adding more vibration to your outfits and uplifting your spirit. It can be a perfect match with the “HOOPOE” jacket by DGR. You can let the braid fall on your shoulders or you can put one side of it through the openings of the other side of the braid as shown in the pictures above, in order to have more freedom in your movement.

For those who might not be very familiar with knitted wool garments we are obliged to underline that, there are substantial differences between handcrafted and knitting machine garments. Differences in looks and appearance, in weight and thickness, in touch and feeling, in raw materials and purity, in cost, in details, in design and, all of these reflect the overall quality and classic durability of the product. Handmade knits are way thicker, as good quality, authentic knits should be and have a protracted texture.