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We make the change fashion. Instead of buzzing you with our philosophical ideas, we decided to simple present to you an article on fashion, written by Elena Baltzoglou. An article that certainly represents our organizational spirit of consciousness applied in ….clothes….:

FASHION THE CHANGE: We Can Do Better Than This

How many of us follow designers, fashion brands, celebrities and models on Instagram? How many of us dreamed of becoming fashion insiders, recognized members of the glamorous mise-en-scène? How many times have we replicated the styles featured on the editorials of Vogue, or visited the stores of the advertised fast-fashion labels to buy this season’s ‘must-haves’? How many times have we opened our closet and said to ourselves, “What am I going to wear today?” Then, we pace back and forth and complain about how we have nothing to wear as we stare at a closet filled with hangers, each accompanied by a piece of garment. Now, how many of us actually know what we are dressing ourselves in when we put on these clothes? And how many of us think to ask or find out how the shirt in our hand was made, or what products were used to make it? And what becomes of the clothing that doesn’t sell, or when it goes out of style? All are common questions that typically don’t come to our mind, when we constantly look for the next pair of shoes or for a new identity to try on.

The diffusion of information through glossy magazines, blogs, social networks and tabloids are pushing fashion at the speed of light enabling designers, stylists, trendsetting celebrities, and fashion bloggers influence visually the fashion world, challenging us to keep up with the latest trends nonstop. Under the intensification of the image culture, the capacity to connect at speed and the desire to experience the man-made fantasy, we are placed in an immediate gratification of continually evolving temporary identities, and therefore in a never-ending contest to purchase more, without minding the consequences.
Yet clothes aren’t going to change the world.
We – the “fast fashion generation” – will. It’s time to use our voice and our power to transform the fashion industry into a force for good.
We – designers and theorists, makers and thinkers ­– have a great responsibility and great opportunity to make huge changes in the world.
Not just for the planet, but also for the people. Either by weaving with natural fibers or by spreading the word through manifestos and fashion praxis; either by customizing shirts and jackets for everyday people or by using political messages on designs and collections, all reflect fashion for change.
Let’s stop being silent about things that matter to us and become part of a new system of production and consumption. Let’s create a new type of industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure. Let’s share our knowledge, information, and honesty to build a sustainable world and an ethical society. Let’s find a way to continue to operate in a globalized world that people and planet remain essential to this growth. Let’s break the seasonal cycle, detox our wardrobe spread, our fashion for change and join the fashion revolution.

So, Heads, Tails or Action? It’s your call.

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